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The Full Story

About Us

Neagles Retreat Villas was brought to life by long-time hospitality venue owners Deb & Scaggs Scaglione.
Deb & Scaggs had been in business in the area for 15 years and had come to realize there was nothing in the area that offered luxury accommodation, close to the town.

They were quick to locate the perfect plot & purchase the land and  begin what would only become to be known as Neagles Retreat Villas. 

Negles Retreat Villas began with 4x2 bedroom in 2015 and in 2024 launched the next 4 villas 1x3bed & 3x 1 bedroom ...

Villa 1 frontage.jpg

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide luxury accommodation to the visitors of the Clare Valley. We want to be able to provide a unique escape for travellers, being young couples, older families or  groups of people discovering the beauty of the Clare Valley. 

We are also in an amazing location where we can host upto 35 guests across all villas making pre-wedding accommodation an easy choice for bridal parties, families & guests.


Our History

Deb & Scaggs began working together in December 1988 when they made the move with their 2 young children from the South East of South Australia to Brighton Beach in Adelaide where they owned & operated the Esplanade Hotel for over 14 years, after selling the Esplanade Hotel in 2002

It wasn't long before they were back in the hotel game when they purchased the Clare Hotel in regional South Australia in May 2003, where they continue to own & operate to this day. 

In August 2013, Deb & Scaggs purchased the first block and Neagles Retreat began. The first set of Villas were launched in November 2015 & with astounding success and accolades along with their own brand of wine Neagles Estate.

In May 2019 they purchased the neighboring block & with that came the plans for the next set of villas and a Cellar Door. Of course we all know what happened in March 2020. When the Covid pandemic hit the hotel was forced to close along with the Villas. The region is still recovering from this and the idea for the Cellar Door has been reduced to dust due to lack of staff and skilled workers in the area to continue making the wine. 

The next 4 villas were launched in May 2024 and the rest will soon be history.

View from Villa 1.jpg
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